At Evita se Perron:  Pieter-Dirk Uys and Tannie Evita shows


When in doubt, say darling

Pieter-Dirk Uys is sorting out 40 years of distress, disguise and disgust: from apartheid to tripartite, from amandla to Nkandla, from Brexit to Zexit. Wigs, glasses, wagging fingers, toyi-toyis, red berets, trump cards of madness, icons and aikonas; from Bezuidenhouts to Alzheimers. At a time when a casual greeting or embrace can be seen as racist or harassment, the advice is simple: when in doubt, say darling. If you can’t remember their names, just say darling. So see you in Darling, darling.

The Echo of a Noise

Now in his 73rd year, Pieter‑Dirk Uys looks back on a life fully lived and hints at the challenges ahead of making the impossible even more extraordinary. The book is also available.

Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Our history as it should have been: a revisionist look at the history of white South Africa, from the arrival in 1652 of the Kaktus of Separate Development on the Drommedaris, through the Great Trek, Blood River, the 1948 Election and the arrival of the National Party and official apartheid, to the birth of democracy and the reality of today. Tannie Evita, in English, takes you on a journey, a hilarious roller‑coaster ride to freedom of expression. 

An Audience with Pieter‑Dirk EISH!

Pick-a-Box or Kies-‘n-Doos? Meet those in our Rainbow Nation who will help us laugh at our fear of an uncharted future. Pieter‑Dirk Uys presents a celebration of free speech, an orgy of laughing at sacred cows, an embrace of being in a relatively healthy young democracy. Come and enjoy it all while it lasts. Every box holds a familiar secret! Every laugh is truly South African! A different show each time, depending on the choices made by the audience, which might force future thought‑police to buy tickets for each show, just in case a State Secret is let out of a box!

Adapt or Fly

It is 30 years since Pieter‑Dirk Uys started his total onslaught on politics with Adapt or Dye in 1981. Everything has changed so radically that some issues have become the same! Julius Malema’s recent outbursts have led to some citizens enquiring about emigration. An ANC spokesman added fuel to the fire by suggesting that ‘all cowards can go if they can’t take the future here. They can adapt or fly!’ A new title for a new minefield and we rollick hand‑in‑hand through the ups and downs of South African politics.

An Evening with Evita Bezuidenhout

A Command Performance with the most famous white woman in South Africa as she gives her State of the Nation address.

An Evening with Pieter‑Dirk Uys

PDU uses the f‑word to fight fear. Fun. Come and join him and laugh at those who deserve to be laughed at!


A work in progress: Pieter-Dirk Uys shares his latest musings with his audience, who will have a rare and unique look at how new material is developed into the next show.

Other seasonal shows, holiday shows and charity shows

Evita’s Freedom Day: 27 April

Tannie Evita focuses on freedom and reminds us of where we come from so we can celebrate where we are going.

Evita’s Human Rights: 21 March

For many South Africans, the Constitution that protects us all today also introduced a new awareness: we all have rights. We are not only human, we are also citizens of a nonracial, nonsexist (and sometimes nonsensical) democracy and are free to ask questions. Evita has been in politics all her life, often not through choice, and that reflects so many of our lives today. Let us realize that politics is here today and gone tonight. It is our right to demand answers. It is our right to expect more from government. It is our right to laugh at the corrupt, the lazy, the careless and the arrogant in politics. Maybe they will go away!

Evita’s Reconciliation Day: 16 December

The 16th of December was always a painful reminder of how wrong things had gone. It was an official celebration of segregation and separateness. Dingaan’s Day, Bloedrivierdag, The Day of the Vow reminded a majority that the Vow was aimed against them. Today we reconcile. We have accepted the ‘mock’ in democracy and isolated the ‘con’ in reconciliation and yet in spite of all the doubts, South Africa can still look forward to a happy future and laugh together at the discomforts of the past. Join Tannie Evita as she reconciles yesterday with tomorrow by remembering it all today.

Evita’s Workers’ Day: 1 May

On 1 May most workers in South Africa are not working because it is Workers’ Day. It seems the only one working is Evita Bezuidenhout!

Evita’s Xmas Tree: during December and July

Wrap up our world with a smile. Tannie does not have a big white beard or come down the chimney. Her reindeer  do not soil the gravel path outside the fences of Evita se Perron and she does not sit in judgement of small children and their naughty acts of life. She also doesn’t give out presents to everyone. But her piano is groaning under the pile of gifts, tinsel, wrappings and secrets. Join Evita as she prepares for her ultimate Xmas, and realise that to celebrate family, friends and yourself, you don’t really need an official reason. Every day at Evita se Perron is a holiday. Some of those can be Xmas as well.

Swartland Spring Flowers with Tannie Evita: Mid-September

Darling and the Swartland are blessed with over one thousand species of wild flowers that are not found anywhere else in the world. Why? Because the Ice Age never came to Darling. (The National Party came to Darling, but never the Ice Age!). So come and smell the flowers of hope, sneeze away the pollen of fears and make this visit to Evita se Perron a celebration of another Spring with Tannie Evita.

Xmas in July: on Saturdays and Sundays

Xmas in July is an ideal time to eat, drink and be merry at Evita se Perron in Darling, where Evita Bezuidenhout will make you forget you´re in South Africa in winter, just six months away from the festive season! It´s cold, cosy, unique and memorable, a Christmas tree with Tannie and all that is found in the Christmas stocking: scandal, hope, laughter and a sing‑a‑long. The limited season runs for four weekends, so book early to avoid disappointment.