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Where can I find a list of the shows at Evita se Perron ?

Just pop onto the page that suits you best –

  1. The Short range view (45 days), displayed on the home page
  2. A long range view is also available at – programme of all scheduled shows
  3. A Monthly Calendar view is also available at – Calendar view

A caveat about the Calendar view (no. 3). It is excellent on a PC or Laptop, but it does not display well on Mobile devices. Mobile devices work very well with the Upcoming events views adopted on the Home page (no.1) and Full List (no.2) views. The rationale behind the decision to provide multiple views of Events is to ensure that PC users and Mobile users have a view that suits their device and preference.

How can I book for a show ?

BOOK a SHOW  022.492.2831 OR

Tickets are not refundable in the event of a patron’s cancellation or non arrival. Tickets for Tannie Evita’s and Pieter‑Dirk Uys’s performances cost R165 per person.

Restaurant Menu – Please note that it may not always be possible to provide the full menu in the Theatre Restaurant on a show day. Please check for Show menu when booking.

For more details – Make a booking

Who is Evita Bezuidenhout ?

Who is EvitaEvita Bezuidenhout, still regarded as the most famous white woman in South Africa, was born Evangelie Poggenpoel of humble Boer origins in the dusty Orange Free State town of Bethlehem on 28th September 1935. Read More>>

Who is Pieter-Dirk Uys ?

Pieter-Dirk Uys was born in Cape Town in 1945 and has been in the theatre since the mid-1960s.

Closely associated with both the Space Theatre in Cape Town and Johannesburg’s Market Theatre during the 1970s and 1980s, he has written and performed 20 plays and over 30 revues and one-man shows throughout South Africa and abroad.  Read More >>

Do you have a free newsletter for news and upcoming shows ?

Yes we do. To keep in touch with our Upcoming Events and Special Deals sign the form below and have our newsletter pop into your inbox monthly.

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Can I have directions from Cape Town to Evita se Perron ?

  • Get on F W de Klerk Blvd/N1 in Foreshore from Christiaan Barnard St/M60 – 6 min (2.2 km)
  • Follow R27 and R307 to Darling Main Street. Turn right into Stasie St. – 57 min (69.7 km)
  • Follow Stasie to T Junction with Arcadia St. – 1 min (250 m)

How far is Evita se Perron from West Coast Towns ?

Here is a selection of distances. Please let us know what town you would like to be added to this list.

distance to evita


Is the restaurant fully licenced ?

Yes it is and the bar is well stocked. The menus and bar details are available here >

Are meals served during stage performances ?

Restaurant Menu – Please note that it may not always be possible to provide the full menu in the Theatre Restaurant on a show day. Please check for Show menu when booking.

When was Evita se Perron established ?

Evita History
The station building dates back to 1903…

After Pieter‑Dirk Uys had moved to Darling from Cape Town he became aware that the old station building in Arcadia Road was empty. The station had closed in the 1970s. When Uys, already settled in his house up the road, was asked if, to hold off the demolishers,  he could perhaps use the building as a storeroom, the dormant idea of having his own theatre was rekindled in his imagination. And so, in 1996, the old station building stepped into the pages of the unique and became reincarnated as Evita se Perron. Inspired by the legends of Argentina´s Evita Peron and our own Evita Bezuidenhout, this was the ideal place for a theatre.

Besides, the word perron is Afrikaans for station platform!