Booking Details

To book a show at Evita se Perron, please call Bookings on: 022 492 2831 or email to

Tickets are not refundable in the event of a patron’s cancellation or non arrival.

Tickets for Tannie Evita’s and Pieter‑Dirk Uys’s performances cost R165 per person.

Please note – no Children under 8 are allowed for Pieter-Dirk Uys shows.

Restaurant Menu

Please note that it may not always be possible to provide the full menu in the Theatre Restaurant on a show day.

Please check for Show menu when booking.


Evita se Perron is making some minor changes to bring the timetables for Theatre Shows and Restaurant Service into line with the Seasons and to simplify Theatre times.
This information is reflected on the Evita se Perron website.


  • Winter is designated as 1st May to 31st August
  • Summer is designated as 1st September to 30th April

Visiting Artists

  1. Lunchtime shows all year – The doors (Bar and Restaurant) will open at 12h00; the Show will start at 14h00
  2. Evening Shows
    1. Winter – The doors (Bar and Restaurant) will open at 18h00; the Show will start at 19h00
    2. Summer – The doors (Bar and Restaurant) will open at 18h00; the Show will start at 20h00

Pieter-Dirk Uys and Evita

  • Lunchtime Shows all year – 14h00
  • Evening Shows all year – 19h00

IMPORTANT NOTICE. If the time varies between the Poster and this notice please take this notice as correct. Over the next few days we will be verifying all the posters that we receive and updating any if necessary.

Please note that the new Bookings telephone number is 022.492.2831