Mardi Gras

Darling Resident Angelique Rosant writes – “Our quaint town isn’t always the place to “chill” but we sure know how to have a good time!

Darling needs a masquerade every now and then, so who else to do it than Evita se Perron?!

A cute blonde to greet you at the door is always welcoming. I was already happy I decided to go to the event, although my face painted with mask made me fashionably late.

Everyone who showed up I could tell wasn’t there mainly for the prizes, those were the plus points, but only to catch up on lost time with friends and to unwind from the “love” week.

I needed it too! (And surprisingly I won a prize and could only try and stand after all the dancing.)

The masks varied from face painted masks to hand crafted masks.  I sipped on a Bath Water cocktail and made my way to the dance floor.

With the music blaring from the speakers and people dancing while the machine releases its mystifying steam you had no worry in the world and time seemed to stand still. Shoes were thrown aside to enjoy the blissful feeling.

Dancing continued and meanwhile at the bar shots were downed between friends, the staff were on top of everything.

Prizes were given towards the end of the evening.

Party goer Comments:

Prachi Metawala – my first time in a dance place and bar area. It was fun, apart from the culture, it was great. Aunty Anna took me to see the theatre to see all the things and I loved taking pictures.

Mohammed Morsi – it was great because of the people. The atmosphere was great. The music was good but the dj no.

Veronica Della Ventura – loved the light and atmosphere. The waiters were very efficient and nice. Very generous with the wine- glass was super full.

Marius Vlotman– the vibe was good just need to be more diverse with music

Fernanda Romeu – it was great. Loved having my face mask painted.

Lisa Verhoeven – it was great! Dj has some scratchy disks and cocktails a tot too sweet”

Admin Perron
Evita se Perron is a Theatre/Restaurant in Darling at the Old Darling Station, 8 Arcadia Street. Just an hour from Cape Town. You can see Pieter-Dirk Uys, Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout and Visiting artists close up on stage.