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The name EVITA SE PERRON was inspired by its location as the former Darling Station. Perron in Afrikaans means ‘station platform’ and Evita is also the name of South Africa’s most famous white woman …. Mrs Evita Bezuidenhout. Tannie Evita was known as the best cook in the old National Party; die beste kok in die ou Nasionale Party, and she has now moved on to become the Advisory Executive Chef at the ANC restaurant in Luthuli House.


It may not be possible to provide the full Restaurant menu in the Theatre Restaurant on a show day. Please check when booking.


Served from 9am to noon

(except on weekends when it’s served on the verandah or deck)

  • LOW-CARB - 2 Eggs & 2 rashers of streaky bacon.  Excludes toast, butter & preserves
  • CHEESE GRILLER - 1 Egg, 2 rashers of bacon & a cheese griller. Includes toast, butter & preserves
  • HASHBROWN - 2 Eggs, 2 rashers of bacon & hash browns. Includes toast, butter & preserves
  • VEGGIE  BREAKFAST - A fried egg, grilled tomato, cheese, hash browns, grilled mushrooms & baked beans. Includes toast, butter & preserves
  • PLATFORM BREAKFAST - 1 Egg, 2 rashers of bacon, 1 sausage, fried tomato. Includes toast, butter & preserves; coffee or tea 
  • STATION MASTER BREAKFAST - 2 Eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, 1 sausage, fried tomato, chips & baked beans. Includes toast, butter & preserves; coffee or tea
    • Plain – Served with butter & preserves
    • Scrambled eggs and cheese
    • Scrambled eggs and bacon
    • Chicken-mayo and bacon


  • All toasted sandwiches are served with chips or salad
  • Grated cheese
  • Egg-mayo
  • Grated cheese & tomato
  • Ham, cheese & tomato
  • Bacon & egg
  • Chicken-mayo


Ceylon / Rooibos / Earl Grey / Lemon


  • Regular / Decaffeinated
  • Espresso
  • Double espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Mokaccino


  • Hot chocolate
  • Milo
  • Isisi milkshake


  • Orange juice
  • Mango & orange juice


  • Appletiser
  • Red/White/Pear Grapetiser
  • Minute Maid
  • Iced tea
  • Coke / Coke Light
  • Assorted sodas


Served from 11am to 3pm

(except on weekends when it’s served on the verandah or deck)

Salads, Vegetarian and Light Meals

GREEK SALAD - Garden fresh salad loaded with feta cheese, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and olives

FRESH GARDEN SIDE SALAD - A variety of mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion, red cabbage & spring onions


  • SCHNITZEL, MUSHROOM & CHEESE - Chicken schnitzel fillets, 2 slices of cheese, mushroom sauce & your choice of a side dish
  • SCHNITZEL - PIZZA - Delicious golden fried chicken schnitzel, topped with tomato salsa, pitted olives, grilled mushrooms and cheesy sauce
  • SCHNITZEL - FARMHOUSE - 2 chicken schnitzels, crumbed, golden fried, smothered with cheese sauce & topped with crispy bacon strips, sautéed mushrooms and grated cheese


RECONCILIATION BOBOTIE - A traditional, minced beef, baked dish topped with savory egg custard.  Served with yellow rice & sambals

SIRLION STEAK - Our tasty, 200g signature sirloin, topped with garlic butter, cheese or pepper sauce. Your choice of a side dish: chips, onion rings or salad OR

A tasty, 200g signature sirloin, topped with mushrooms, garlic butter, cheese sauce and crispy bacon. Served with your choice of a side dish: chips, onion rings or salad


Boerewors on a roll with tomato smoor. Served with chips or salad


All burgers served with a choice of chips, onion rings or a side salad

  • CHICKEN - Plain, BBQ-basted, grilled chicken fillet with creamy or chili mayo, mixed lettuce
  • CHICKEN, BACON & CHEESE - Plain, BBQ or basted grilled chicken fillet, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, a slice of cheese with creamy or chili mayo and mixed lettuce
  • VEGGIE BURGER - Crumbed vegetarian patty, cheese, gherkins, mixed lettuce and relish
  • BEEF BURGER - CHEDDAR & MUSHROOM - Beef patty topped with creamy mushroom sauce & grated cheese
  • BEEF BURGER – SUPER BACON -  Beef burger loaded with cheese, bacon and a fried egg
  • TANNIE SE DOUBLE - Two 150g beef patties basted in BBQ sauce and stacked with cheese, mozzarella cheese, onion, tomato, gherkins, lettuce and bacon
  • BANTING BURGER - Two 90g char-grilled beef patties served on a bed of fresh rocket, smothered in cheese sauce, layered with mozzarella and served with slices of gherkin


  • FISH & CHIPS - Fillet of hake prepared in a batter and fried to golden perfection. Served with tartare sauce. (Grilled option available) 
  • GOLDEN CALAMARI - 250g Crispy fried calamari rings served with tartare sauce & your choice of a side dish 
  • FISH & CALAMARI COMBO - Fillet of hake prepared in a batter and fried to golden perfection, with ccrispy fried calamari rings. Served with tartare sauce. (Grilled option available)


Served from 9am to 4pm


  • AFFIRMATIVE TART - Traditional & delicious milk tart
  • BLANCH NIOR ICE CREAM - Three scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce
  • POGGENPOEL KOEKSISTER - Two of Tannie’s famous koeksisters
  • OUMA OSSEWANIA SE TIPSY TART - Ouma’s favorite tart
  • CAKE OF THE DAY - Please ask your waiter
  • TART OF THE DAY - Please ask your waiter
  • MALVA PUDDING ( A STICKY TOFFY PUDDING) - A South African favourite freshly made in our kitchen. Served with custard or ice-cream


  • PLAIN WAFFLE - Freshly made hot waffle topped with ice cream or cream & golden syrup
  • BAR-ONE® WAFFLE - Freshly made hot waffle topped with BAR-ONE sauce and ice cream or cream


Vanilla, lime, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, caramel, bubblegum or fruit


Hawaiian Fantasy  /  Tropical Breeze  /  Mexican Rush  /  Jamaican Sensation  / Caribbean Dream


  • Kiddie Burger - Our kiddies beef burger, served with chips
  • Cheesy Beef Burger - Beef burger topped with cheddar cheese, served with chips
  • Chicken Burger - Grilled Kid’s classic chicken burger, served with chips
  • Chicken Strips- An all-time favourite of crispy, crumbed chicken strips, served with chips and a cheese sauce
  • Fish Fingers and Chips - Deep-fried fish nuggets served with chips or side salad
  • Cheese Griller & Chips - A traditional Vienna and chips served with good old tomato sauce
  • Perfect Kiddie Pizzas
    • Margi - Traditional cheese & tomato pizza
    • Rita - Tomato pizza base with ham, pineapple and cheese


Fresh Fruit Juice

Ice-Cream & Chocolate Sauce

Kiddie Shakes - Available in bubblegum, lime, strawberry, chocolate or banana flavor

Floats - Available in Coke, Fanta and Cream-soda flavours


Served from 9am to 3pm

  • MOZZARELLA MUSHROOMS - Grilled mushrooms, with a hint of garlic & smothered with creamed spinach, crispy bacon and melted mozzarella cheese
  •  LENTIL BOBOTIE - A vegetarian version of the traditional South African favourite, served with sambals & yellow rice
  • VEGGIE BURGER - Crumbed vegetarian patty, cheese, gherkins, mixed lettuce, relish & your choice of side
  • VEGETARIAN PIZZA - 30cm Pizza base covered with tomato salsa sauce, olives, feta, mushrooms and cheese
  • VEGGIE SCHNITZEL - 2 Delicious vegetarian schnitzels, topped with tomato salsa, pitted olives, grilled mushrooms, cheesy sauce and generously sprinkled with grated cheddar cheese




  • Alexanderfontein Chardonnay
  • Darling Cellars Chardonnay
  • Groote Post Chardonnay
  • Whithington Chardonnay
  • Alexanderfontein Sauv Blanc
  • Summertime Sauv Blanc
  • Darling Cellars Sauv Blanc
  • Groote Post Sauv Blanc
  • Nuweland Sauv Blanc
  • Cloof Daisy Darling Chenin Sauv
  • Darling Cellars Flamingo Bay Chenin
  • Groote Post Riesling
  • Groote Post Old Man’s Blend


  • Alexanderfontein Cabernet Sauv
  • Withington Malbec
  • Alexanderfontein Merlot
  • Groote Post Merlot
  • Cloof The Very Sexy Shiraz
  • Darling Cellars Black Granite Shiraz
  • Cloof Cellars Blend
  • Cloof Dark Side Cabernet Sauv Shiraz
  • Cloof Inkspot Vin Noir
  • Darling Cellars Flamingo Bay Red
  • Ruby Darling Pinotage / Shiraz
  • Groote Post Old Man’s Blend
  • Withington Carignon 2010
  • Withington Shiraz Cabernet


  • Cloof Rosè (Dry)
  • Sweet Darling Rosè


  • JC Le Roux
  • Grand Mosseux Vin Doux
  • Groote Post Brut Rose

*Corkage Fee*



  • Amstel
  • Black Label
  • Castle / Castle Light
  • Windhoek Lager / Light
  • Windhoek Draught
  • Heineken
  • Flying Fish
  • Darling Brew’s 500ml


  • Richelieu
  • KWV
  • Olof Berg
  • Withington Pot Still Brandy
  • Jack Daniels
  • Bells
  • J&B
  • Red Label
  • Jameson
  • Bacardi
  • Red Heart
  • Spice Gold
  • Mainstay
  • Gordon’s Gin
  • Smirnoff Vodka


  • Cinzano Bianco
  • Cinzano Dry
  • Martini Bianco
  • Martini Rosso


  • Full Cream
  • Medium Cream
  • Pale Dry
  • Port
  • Muscadel
  • Old Brown Sherry


  • Amarula
  • Potency
  • Springbokkie
  • Campari
  • Frangelico
  • Kahlua
  • Nachtmusik
  • Peppermint
  • Southern Comfort
  • Tang
  • Van Der Hum
  • Jagermeister
  • Sambucca Black
  • Tequila Silver / Gold



  • Savannah Dry / Light
  • Hunters Dry
  • Brutal Fruit
  • Smirnoff Spin
  • Eversons


  • Assorted Drinks & Mixers including
  • Appletiser / Grapetiser (Red, White, Pear)
  • Minute Maid / Iced Tea
  • Coke / Coke Zero / Light / Tab
  • Vigo Orange / Vigo Marula
  • Ginger Ale / Lemonade / Soda / Tonic
  • Orange Juice / Mango and Orange Juice
  • Kola Tonic / Passion Fruit / Lime Cordial
  • Sparkling Water / Still Water


  • Irish Coffee
  • Don Pedro


Old Darling Station, 8 Arcadia Street, P.O. Box 175, Darling, 7345
Bookings: +27 22 492 2831

Tannie Evita chefTannie Evita was known as the best cook in the old National Party; die beste kok in die ou Nasionale Party, and she has now moved on to cook for the ANC in Luthuli House.

Tannie Evita's two cookbooks, Evita’s Kossie Sikelela and Evita’s Bossie Sikelela, are available at the Perron bookstall in the A & C (Arts and Crafts) shop. Naturally, Evita's iconic bobotie and legendary koeksisters are available at the Perron café, as well as many other delights, all out of Evita’s kitchen.

So book to see a show and add lunch to your treat. Bambi’s Berlin Bar (named after Evita’s sister Bambi Kellermann, much to Tannie’s disgust) will supply you with the best in local wines and beers.



red wineCloof

Cloof’s oldest surviving vines were planted in 1966, with additional plantings in 1976 and 1987. In that time Darling, adjacent to the Swartland, was better known as a wheat farming region. A cellar was completed in time for the 1998 harvest, which allowed the first release of Cloof wines during the course of 1999. Vineyard area was significantly increased, with plantings every year from 1998 to 2000, bringing the total to 145 hectares of which the majority is Bush Vines. The 220 hectares of vineyards at neighbouring Burghers Post are under the same ownership, giving us unparalleled access to (and control over) top quality fruit.

Darling Cellars

1996 heralded a new era for the region of Darling with the establishment of the private cellar: Darling Cellars (Pty) Limited. With its unique terroir and the demarcation of the area as Wine of Origin Darling in 2003, the focus is on producing wines that are region and varietal true. Some 20 shareholders produce grapes from a total of ±1300ha, averaging 6 to 8 tons per hectare.

Groote Post

Groote Post is a historic 18th century farm on the Cape's West Coast where winemaking traditions have been revived by the Pentz family. Unique aspects and cool climatic conditions of the Darling Hills yield superlative fruit. Our wines are produced to reflect the uniqueness of our vineyards.


Juan Louw jnr. is the winemaker on the farm. After finishing his studies, he went to work in a cellar on the island of Alameda, near San Francisco. For the next harvest he moved to Nieu Zeeland where he worked in a cellar on the South Island. His first dessert and red wines were made in a small cellar in Calitzdorp in 2007. Everything was done by hand. All the bottles are waxed and not encapsulated. He is the only winemaker in South Africa that makes a fortified wine with sun-dried grapes that is not fermented.


Ormonde Private Cellar produces the Alexanderfontein range of wines that are wonderfully aromatic and accessible on the palate, reflecting the terrior of the region in cultivar, character and style. Unmistakably fresh, well-balanced and elegantly aromatic to make any occasion special. These wines are crafted for unpretentious pleasure and enjoyment of the simpler aspects of life.

Withington Wines

The wines of Withington are of high quality and internationally recognised, not only in terms of awards, but far more significantly, in terms of “repeat purchase”. Charles Withington has 30 years’ experience in the wine business ranging from working with top-end boutique producers, to working on projects with leading UK supermarkets involving HACCP and BRC compliancy.