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1. Why the need to protect the brand?

We respect the law and the Intellectual Property (‘IP’) of others and ask that you do the same.

3. Can you use the Evita se Perron intellectual property in your business or site?

You may not use any of the Evita se Perron emblems / logos or pictures (excepting for Free images under Creative Commons CC0 Licence).

Editorial use is permitted for genuine news reporting by bona-fide media organisations.

4. Why is your support important?

We ask for your support in protecting the IP of the Evita se Perron and your understanding of its importance. Community awareness of the significance of protecting the Evita se Perron IP helps us to prevent marketing, advertising or promotional activities which harm the brand.

5. What specifically is prohibited use of the intellectual property of Evita se Perron?

You cannot create or imply an association with the Evita se Perron through the use of its protected IP, for example, the use of its phrase or imagery without permission.

You cannot use any of the content at unless you have obtained written authorisation from Evita se Perron. You can, however, provide a link to without permission.

6. What is permitted-use of the intellectual property of Evita se Perron?

You can provide relevant and factual information. For example, refer people to official sources of information at If you wish to provide specialist or factual information on your site which is not included on our sites, please make it clear that such information including any opinions expressed or advice is authored or comes from you and is not official content.

7. Can I register a domain name using the Evita se Perron marks?

You cannot use the Evita se Perron marks in domain names to create an association with Evita se Perron.

8. What is the site linking policy?

You may create a text link to You may not use official Evita se Perron trademarks, logos, emblems or imagery as an icon to link your site to

Hyperlinks provided on this site to non Evita sites or pages do not constitute any endorsement of third party content and are provided as is and the site managers do not necessarily agree with, edit or sponsor the content on such web pages. If you decide to access other sites, you do so at your own risk.

9. What is the responsibility of suppliers?

Evita se Perron suppliers are restricted contractually from marketing, advertising or undertaking other promotional activities around their work on Evita se Perron and must adhere to any confidentiality agreements. Guidelines are included at the time of contracting.

10. What are intellectual property rights?

IP refers to proprietary knowledge where something new or original is developed and can exist in different forms such as a trademark, invention, design or copyright. IP rights are conferred through the laws that countries have to protect ideas and inventions to allow creators or owners of IP to benefit from their creation or work.

11. Why are intellectual property rights important?

IP rights are conferred through the laws that countries have to protect ideas and inventions to allow creators or owners of IP to benefit from their creation or work.

13. What legal rights does the law give the owners of intellectual property rights?

As the proprietor of the IP in its copyright, trademarks and other IP, Evita se Perron has the following legal rights:

  • Right to exclusively use their IP
  • Right to allow others to use their IP
  • Right to protection from infringement

14. What is “ambush marketing” or “parasite marketing”?

To engage in “ambush marketing” or “parasite marketing” is to mislead the public into thinking that you are an authorised sponsor or have an official connection to the event. It happens when a person or business tries to advertise its products or services in connection with an entertainment event to gain personal advantage, without paying for the rights and for which they are not an official sponsor.

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