Adapt or Fly

From DF Malan to JG Zuma
It is 30 years since Pieter‑Dirk Uys started his total onslaught on politics with Adapt or Dye in 1981. Everything has changed so radically that some issues have become the same! Julius Malema’s recent outbursts have led to some citizens enquiring about emigration. An ANC spokesman added fuel to the fire by suggesting that ‘all cowards can go if they can’t take the future here’. Adapt or Fly! 1981 and today rollick hand‑in‑hand through the ups and downs of South African politics. It’s even funnier now, while it also still chills to the bone.

An Audience with Pieter‑Dirk Eish!

Pick-a-Box or Kies-n-Doos?
Meet those in our Rainbow Nation who will help us laugh at our fear of an unchartered future. Pieter‑Dirk Uys presents a celebration of free speech, an orgy of laughing at sacred cows, an embrace of being in a relatively healthy young democracy. Come and enjoy it all while it lasts. Every box holds a familiar secret! Every laugh is truly South African! A different show each time, depending on the choices of the audience, might force future thought‑police to buy tickets for each show, just in case a State Secret is let out of a box!

An Evening with Evita Bezuidenhout

A Command Performance with the most famous white woman in South Africa as she gives her State of the Nation address.

An Evening with Pieter‑Dirk Uys

PDU uses the f‑word to fight fear. Fun. Come and join him and laugh at those who deserve to be laughed at!

Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus

Our history as it should have been
A revisionist look at the history of white South Africa, from the arrival in 1652 of the Cactus of Separate Development on the Drommedaris, through the Great Trek, Blood River, the 1948 Election and the arrival of the National Party and official apartheid, through the birth of democracy and the reality of today. Tannie Evita, in English, takes you on a journey, a hilarious roller‑coaster ride to freedom of expression.

PDU Unpowdered: The Echo of a Noise

Now in his 71st year, Pieter‑Dirk Uys looks back on a life fully lived and hints at the challenges ahead of making the impossible even more extraordinary.

Celebrating our 21st Year in Darling

Pieter-Dirk Uys shows
15 & 17 December & 7, 14, 21 & 28 January – Tannie Evita Praat Kaktus
29 December & 13 January – PDU Unpowdered : The Echo of a Noise
14 & 28 December – An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish!
16 December & 6 & 27 January – Adapt or Fly
20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 December – Evita’s Xmas Tree
28 December & 20 January – An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish!
31 December – Evita’s Totsiens 2017
6 January – An Evening with Evita

Visiting Artists
15 December – Blomtrein
22 December – Oldies but Goldies
19 January – Traveller – Tribute to Johnny Cash

Evita se Perron, the cabaret theatre and restaurant created by Pieter-Dirk Uys in 1996, is the home of Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout, the most famous white woman in South Africa. Here you can meet Tannie Evita, along with other respected and yet scandalous members of her family, as well as many of South Africa’s most loved icons and loathed aikonas.

The name Evita se Perron was inspired by the venue’s location in the former Darling railway station.  Perron in Afrikaans means station platform and Evita is also the name of South Africa’s most famous white woman, Mrs Evita Bezuidenhout.

The Perron’s quirky, relaxing atmosphere makes it the ideal venue for every type of occasion, such as birthday parties, engagements, weddings, civil ceremonies and anniversaries, as well as for corporate functions, awards ceremonies, end-of-year celebrations and team-building outings.  Details for planning your special function at Evita se Perron can be found here.

On weekends, Pieter‑Dirk Uys performs his internationally acclaimed shows live on stage.  The full programme can be found here.  You can also enjoy great traditional South African cooking in our restaurant, which features recipes from Evita´s Kossie Sikelela cook book.

Monday 09:00 – 13:00
Tuesdays – Sundays 09:00 – 16:00

Evita Bezuidenhout celebrates 20 years of her Darling venue Evita se Perron with a weekly episode of Evita’s Free Speech

Visiting Artists and Events at Evita se Perron