Evita History
The station building dates back to 1903…

After Pieter‑Dirk Uys had moved to Darling from Cape Town he became aware that the old station building in Arcadia Road was empty. The station had closed in the 1970s. When Uys, already settled in his house up the road, was asked if, to hold off the demolishers,  he could perhaps use the building as a storeroom, the dormant idea of having his own theatre was rekindled in his imagination. And so, in 1996, the old station building stepped into the pages of the unique and became reincarnated as Evita se Perron. Inspired by the legends of Argentina´s Evita Peron and our own Evita Bezuidenhout, this was the ideal place for a theatre.

Besides, the word perron is Afrikaans for station platform!

Admin Perron
Evita se Perron is a Theatre/Restaurant in Darling at the Old Darling Station, 8 Arcadia Street. Just an hour from Cape Town. You can see Pieter-Dirk Uys, Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout and Visiting artists close up on stage.